Private Label

          At Royal Labs Natural Cosmetics, our Private Label service offers businesses the ability to create truly distinctive and premium-quality products that seamlessly align with their brand and target audience. With this service, businesses have the flexibility to tailor their products with custom branding and packaging, as well as the option to make subtle modifications to one of our existing Deep Steep formulas or one of our 4000 formulas in our formulary, to ensure it perfectly aligns with their unique needs and objectives. The private label service provides an optimal balance of customization, control, and reliability for businesses looking to expand their product offerings while adhering to the exceptional standards of quality that Royal Labs Natural Cosmetics is renowned for.


Our Private Label service offers businesses the ability to create truly unique and high-quality products that align seamlessly with their brand and target market. However, it is important to note that this level of customization and control comes with an associated cost. The expense for this service generally ranges between $2,000 to $4,000 dollars per product, depending on the complexity of the formula and the level of customization required. This cost includes the formulation, development, and testing. Additionally, it's important to consider that this service usually has minimum order quantities of between 1,500 units - 5,000 units, depending on the type of product.