ur commitment to quality extends throughout every phase of product development, manufacturing, and filling. We value the importance of quality and know how to deliver it to you and your customers.

As an FDA registered facility, Royal Labs keeps abreast of documented protocols, procedures, and ongoing personnel training. Regular internal and third party audits guarantee our uncompromising attention to every aspect of the manufacturing process.

In addition to being an FDA approved facility, Royal Labs is also USDA approved. We are registered to formulate and manufacture USDA Certified Organic skin, body, and hair care products under the United States Department of Agriculture's strict guidelines. These products proudly display the USDA logo.

Furthermore, Royal Labs' Quality Control/Quality Assurance Department is intimately involved with every aspect of the factory's daily operations, working closely with our staff to provide ongoing training and quality awareness.

Equipped to satisfy your requirements for quality control and quality assurance, we adhere to numerous testing and procedural protocols including:
  • Adherence to protocols imposed by Federal and State agencies
  • Total GMP compliance
  • Raw material analysis and evaluation
  • Laboratory analysis of products
  • Long term stability testing
  • Process and Methods Validation testing
  • Microbiological testing
  • Product/Package compatibility testing
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